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Address: 78 Jean ave, Doringkloof, Centurion
Short Business Description:
Cosy homely coffee shop and restaurant in the heart of Centurion with awesome coffee, food and the best personal service in Centurion!
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Cherry Berry Café is a family owned coffee shop, established in 2000. Passionate about our food and coffee, we look forward to your visit!
We are situated in the heart of Doringkloof, Centurion. About 80 steps away from a Gautrein bus stop. The bus will be marked South Downs, and get off in Jean Ave, We are number 78, with red walls, can not be missed! This café is an arty escape from the stuffy office. WiFi here is free, perfect for those power breakfasts before heading to the office. Plug points are also available near the counter seating for those wanting to recharge. To keep the munchies at bay, enjoy one of their delicious burgers, sandwiches, or wholesome salads.

Culinary Team
All our fresh bakes are prepared daily by our chef and owner, Dricha Gerber.

Great care is taken in preparing top quality, well presented food. This needs a little time but rest assured, you will receive freshly prepared food, made with love and care!

We cater for Private Functions, Birthdays, Stork-Teas, etc.
Please book in advance (for tables of 6 or more and set menus)

Business Phone Number:
083 259 7662
AAA The Godfather Restaurant Midstream
Address: Shop 8, Shopping on Ridgeway, Ridgeway Ave, Midstream
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Short Business Description:
“The Godfather is definitely my favorite steakhouse. The food is always the best quality and the owners & staff make you feel right at home. What I love most is that the owners would pop by your table and just have a conversation. Making you feel like you’re their most valuable client. Thank you for the great service, food and “friendship” that you bring to our community. “
From one of our satisfied client’s.

Don’t take our word for it, come and see for yourself!
Long Business Description:

Find Us Here only 2omin Drive from Centurion Mall.

Click on the map for directions:

The Godfather has a proud tradition of exceptional food and service. All beef served at The Godfather is top quality South African beef. We make a special effort to procure the very best quality products for all our menu items. Our beef is matured for a minimum of 21 days and then cut on a daily basis to ensure the finest product for our customers.

For the past 29 years, The Godfather Restaurant, aims to provide its guests with an exceptional dining experience, with management always on hand to see to your needs. Food is prepared to the highest standards of quality and hygiene being paramount. All our dishes are freshly and individually prepared. Our personnel take pride in what they do and will make you feel at home. An experience that will impress you, your friends, family and colleagues!

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(012) 663 1859 or 082 221 2221
Fish2Go! Fish & Chips shop
Address: Cantonments Road, Lyttelton Manor, Centurion
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Not your ordinary fish and chips shop!

We prepare all our fish and other products fresh, with no pre-cooking, in our secret batter.
It takes a bit longer to prepare, but worth the wait.
We strive to serve the highest quality meals at affordable prices, giving you value for your money and happy customers.

Come and taste the quality of our food for yourself!
Cantonments Road, Lyttelton Manor Shopping Centre, Lyttelton Manor, Centurion

Call us to order: 012 664 5839

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Business Phone Number:
012 664 5839
Cofi Centurion
Address: 146 Akkerboom St, Zwartkop, Centurion
Short Business Description:
Cofi Eatchillate concept is a combination of a cosmopolitan dining and a upmarket lounge that caters for the niche market of discerning clientele who wants good food as well as a vibey ambience.
Long Business Description:

Cofi Eatchillate concept is a combination of a cosmopolitan dining and a upmarket lounge that caters for the niche market of discerning clientele who wants good food as well as a vibey ambience .We treat both the lifestyle (vibey ambience) and food quality with equal importance, we do not neglect or sacrifice one area of our business to concentrate on the other. eatchillate’s cosmopolitan look and feel appeals to a wide variety of consumers.

One thing that rings true within our base of clientele is that “Once a customer always a customer”
The History
The first store was opened in October of 2005 in Brooklyn with resounding success. The concept was fresh and well researched. It catered for a niche market of discerning clientele who wanted good food as well as vibey ambiance without sacrificing the quality of their surroundings. The very cosmopolitan look and feel of appeals to a wide variety of consumers and therefore amassed popularity very quickly.

We have also managed to centralize operations within the Franchise so as to ensure optimal operational success by being fully aware of basic business in all venues. The Franchise group does research into the markets and trends of the respective areas it intends to open stores in. Everything from business vs. residential spread of that area to disposable income and age statistics are reviewed when considering prospective.
Our Vision:
To create an environment where people feel free to express themselves casually, socially and professionally, where we provide the canvas and our customers the rest, thus building strong and successful ventures which will have an impact and blossom nationwide.
Our Mission:
Our mission is to be dedicated at all times to our customers and employees without ever sacrificing the quality which our enterprise strives to achieve and maintain.


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Dros – Centurion
Address: Cnr Jean &, Lenchen Ave, Centurion
Short Business Description:
Family-friendly restaurant chain with a rustic feel, a South African wine cellar and a grill menu.
Long Business Description:

The Drostdy is a well-known landmark, not only in Stellenbosch but throughout the whole of South Africa. In April 1996 an enormous change took place at the Dros with the formation of the ‘Dros Concept’, a combination between a wine cellar and a restaurant. The founder and owner, Mr Hein Krugmann, want to present the public with a truly South African concept accessible to all ages and tastes. This concept proved successful as many people from all over the country, as well as overseas visitors, frequented the Dros. This in turn led to the franchising of this unique restaurant.

The concept behind the design is to combine Stellenbosch wine cellars with food and a warm ambience using décor unique to the Cape Wine Route, complete with wine cellar characteristics, to create an atmosphere typical to that of a wine cellar. The highly competitive tourist market in the Cape requires food of outstanding quality and excellent service, both of which are major priorities at the Dros.

Few companies in the food industry can match the record growth and profitability shown by the Dros since inception. During the past few years the Dros Restaurants gross sales have expanded significantly and net income has doubled. These high growth rates are expected to continue into the future. The Dros individual store volume is projected to be between R500 000 to R1 500 000 per month. At present the Dros is expanding rapidly countrywide, particularly in the Gauteng area.

After 20 years of experience in the food and hospitality industry, the Dros Management Team fully understands the precise requirements needed for the daily functioning of the franchise. As part of the company’s quest to progress, the Dross continuously seeks new ways for improvement by testing new items and constantly improving quality and service. This assures a steady rise in profits annually. New menu items, new methods of preparation, improvement in equipment and new technology are all put through strenuous testing before the end product reaches the customer. Conversely, an item performing well or receiving favourable reviews will be released to all the Franchisees.

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Business Phone Number:
087 055 0575
Mealtreats – Centurion
Address: 180 Koedoe street, Shop 5, Kudu Walk, Wierdapark, Centurion
Short Business Description:
Welcome to our Kitchen providing you with stunning meals and treats made with care, passion and personal attention!!!

Tasteful meals and dishes at your convenience saving you time, effort and money!
Long Business Description:

Mealtreats provide ready-made meals and dishes to our Customers. These are all made from the best of ingredients with love & passion and an attitude of highest quality and consistent tasteful meals!

Our meals and dishes are provided fresh but can also be frozen at home. Due to our dishes being suitable for home freezing we also provide and sometimes stock frozen dishes. The dishes that are presented in the Aluminium Foil containers are all microwave safe!

We provide the ready-made meals at our customers’ convenience by taking the effort out of purchasing and preparing the meals. Our aim is for our Customer to return for more once they’ve tasted the meals and experienced the attitude towards customer service and satisfaction!

In essence saving our Customers time, effort and money!!! – AND providing them with quality prepared meals the host and hostess would be complimented on.


Providing our Customers with tasteful quality meals at their convenience saving them time, effort and money!

With 5 children ourselves we realized that it could be quite challenging to provide them with food on a daily basis, especially with our busy work schedules in mind. Our mother and wife Ingrid’s passion to serve people with food that excite and delight them inspired us to extend our food preparation capabilities and serve not only our own family but others experiencing the same daily challenges.

In 2015 we created a capability to set up food stalls at functions, events and markets. This we’ve extended to also provide as a service at birthday parties and personal events.

Our customers who’s experiencing the quality of our products have asked us to extend our range and possibly provide them with a wider range of food, ready-made meals and even those treats we all crave for every now and then. From there our name “Meal-Treats” or rather “mealtreats”.

In 2016 we’ve therefore started with a range of Braai Accompaniments (Side-Dishes) to fill those extra holes in friends and family’s stomachs at your Braai or function, and even get complimented on it. Initially these dishes, now also available via our Website or direct Orders, have been and still are delivered on a weekly basis to various butcheries around Centurion and Pretoria-East.

From end 2016 we’ve extended our range via our Website and direct Orders to include your daily requirements through proper meals mainly for supper.

Our aim is to provide quality ready-made meals at our customers’ convenience by taking the effort out of purchasing and preparing the meals and for them to return-for-more once they’ve tasted the meals and experienced the attitude towards customer service and satisfaction!


Our Meals are produced with care in our quality Kitchen Facility

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Business Phone Number:
0860 004 125
Country Kitchen
Address: Shop 6, Cornwall Shopping Centre, Elardus Park
Short Business Description:
Coffee Bar, Take Away & Home Cooked Meals
Long Business Description:

Our food is fresh, well cooked and perfectly seasoned. The owner is charming and will look after you well! Don’t leave it to chance. If you happen to be in Pretoria East make sure you pop by and get a fresh home cooked meal at Country Kitchen.
We serve home cooked meals everyday. We also sell vetkoek, hamburgers, slap chips, steaks and many more from our menu.

We only use the freshest ingredients for the best flavour!

Platters are available, contact us for your next function. We also deliver and our menu is available with Mr D.

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Waterworld Centurion Mall
Address: Centurion Mall Centurion Central, Centurion,
Short Business Description:
We do water refilling & bottled water. We stock still, sparkling & flavoured waters. We sell various beverages (Hot & Cold), containers & re-usable bottles. We also do personalized water for any functions.
Long Business Description:

Waterworld Centurion Mall is located in the heart of the Centurion CBD between Pretoria and Midrand, just off the N1 highway and within walking distance of the Centurion Gautrain station.

We pride ourselves on adhering to the highest quality standards in the water cooler industry.

Waterworld Centurion is without a doubt the leader in distribution of branded purified and or prepared water as well as the distribution of water purification, filtration and dispensing equipment.

We have a strong focus on the distribution of water purification equipment to meet drinking water quality requirements in residential, commercial and semi-industrial markets and distribute the most reliable and durable water purification systems in South Africa.

At our Waterworld Centurion Shop we supply purified and or prepared water to the public.

Not all water is created equal – and when it comes to Waterworld Centurion, you can literally taste the difference. Our water is purified using a sophisticated purification process.

This process includes reverse osmosis, ozonation and the re-introduction of organic minerals into the water. In short, we remove anything that would not benefit you (such as unwanted chemicals, metals and harmful bacteria) – and replace it with a delicate balance of essential organic minerals that your body craves.

In addition to being purified in accordance with International Standards, all Waterworld Centurion water is tested.

Business Phone Number:
082 389 5980
Savresso Coffee
Address: Entrance 5, Centurion Mall Centurion Central, Centurion,
Long Business Description:

Speciality Coffee 100% Arabica. A unique coffee grown at an altitude of between 1750 – 2000m is lower in caffeine-artisan roasted in small batches to extract the delicious taste & flavour.

You will find a combination of floral notes with citrus & black current flavours. Aromatic & full bodied coffee for the adventurous connoisseur coffee lover.

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans in 250g & 1Kg bags and also have Ground Coffee 250g bags Available.

Come and enjoy your favorite cup of coffee before, during or after your shopping FREE parking!

Call to order now 0823895980 or find us @ Centurion mall, Entrance 5

Business Phone Number:
082 389 5980
Craft Cafe – Pizza Take Away
Address: Shop 12, Mall @ Reds, Cnr Hendrik Verwoerd Drive & Rooihuiskraal Rd
Short Business Description:
Take Away Pizza now available! Licensed Eatery & Gift Shop. Craft Gin with the best Pizza’s in town!
Long Business Description:

Best Pizzas In Centurion

Billy The Kid
Cheddar, Mozzarella 🧀 , Feta, Onion 🧅 , Biltong and a Secret Ingredient 🌟

Chef’s Margarita
Cheddar, Mozzarella, Feta, Tomato 🍅 and Basil 🌿 with or without Garlic 🧄

Cheddar, Mozzarella, Ham and Pineapple

Cheddar, Mozzarella, Salami, Asparagus & Olives

Cheddar, Mozzarella, Feta, Asparagus, Olives, Mushrooms, Onion 🧅 and Green Pepper

Meaty One 🥓🍖
Cheddar, Mozzarella, Ham, Cheese Griller 🧀 Salami, Mushroom, Onion 🧅 Green Pepper 🥒

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