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Gener8 Sustainable Energy Solutions
Address: Centurion
Short Business Description: Our Products include but are not limited to:

Air Conditioning | Fireplaces | Generators | Heat Pumps
High Pressure Washer | Solar | Solar Water Heating | Water Pumps
Long Business Description:

Gener 8 Owners recently attended a Master Class Sales course which focused on Customers and Personal development,

We demand a Professional approach from all our dealers to ensure that we meet our customers expectations with no exceptions, for this reason development of our dealers are most important.

“It is only when we realise that we only have one Earth to live on, that we will make changes to preserve it.”

Gener8 Power Solutions is a team of aspiring entrepreneurs who understand the need to implement changes that will help save our beautiful planet.

There is a symbiotic relationship between nature and man whereby Earth is doing its part to maintain and repair itself through the exchange of carbon for oxygen making this planet habitable for us to populate and grow.

The only problem is, we humans have not done our part. Over population, greed, war, ownership mentality, amongst a whole plethora of other traits, have created tremendous strain on the planet and the cracks are starting to show.

Gener8 Power Solutions plays a role!

Our range of alternative energy solutions are all aimed at saving our precious planet. Whether it’s a Solar Water Heater, Heat Pump or other Photo Voltaic products (solar panels), we are ready to save the planet one installation at a time.

Our national franchise network is trained and eager to help you. Our products are SABS approved and Eskom accredited thus allowing you to take part in the Eskom rebate program.

The Department of Energy is still reviewing the rebate system, we expect to see a new rebate system implemented in the short term.

Differences are made by decisions taken. Every great success started with a decision. Make a difference for your children, grandchildren and future generations.

Your one stop shop Sustainable Energy Solutions provider. We specialize in all aspects of energy saving devices with an expert team of franchisees to cater for your needs. Reliable, efficient and clean solar energy for your home, business or commercial applications.


Business Website Address: https://gener-8.co.za/
Business Phone Number: 071 610 5645
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