Month: June 2019

Top Rated Service

Readers view websites as a place they visit once in a while, when they need to check in on a resource or expect new information. 

Communities, on the other hand, are places where people live and interact, and on the web, that may mean readers returning to our site dozens of times in a single day. 

That’s part of the reason we built FIND IT CENTURION Business Directory Platform.

By giving our audience a place to share their opinions, give feedback to the businesses in our directory, and start lively debates about their experiences, we tap into a community that already exists and create a meeting place for the local Centurion community to share their interests online.

Taking Word Of Mouth Into The Digital Age!

 We now give our local community the opportunity to upload photos, videos, and other media that supports their point or adds more detail to a conversation, this creates the kind of high-quality multimedia content that Google loves to reward with free search traffic.

We don’t focus on a particular type of business, but a specific area, even a combination of the two, like good food in Centurion or connoisseur gin taster, there’s a community out there of some size that’s just waiting for the chance to express themselves.

According to a recent report by Marketing Sherpa, adding user reviews can rapidly boost organic search traffic by 10%. 

But that’s not all – Marketing Sherpa discovered that readers who interacted with these reviews spent 150% as much time on site as the average reader, and was 125% more likely to make a purchase on the site

So the question you have to ask yourself is not if you should list your business on Find It Centurion, but how quickly you can get started?

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