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Address: 64 Lyttelton Road, Clubview Corner, Clubview, Centurion, 0157
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At ALKALINE IONIZED H₂0 Clubview we pride ourselves in the production and bottling of high quality healthy Alkaline Mineral and Alkaline Ionized Mineral drinking water. Specialists in the field, and with many years of combined experience in Water Shop and distribution of healthy Alkaline Mineral and Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water, ALKALINE IONIZED H₂0 Clubview has set the pace in the bottled water industry. Our water has been developed and tested to provide the best possible taste while still retaining all the goodness of Alkaline Mineral Oxygen Enriched Water and Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water.
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Benefit of Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water

Can help restore the pH balance in the body
A higher pH in the body reduces the need for fat and cholesterol to protect the body from damaging acids
Provides superior hydration and nutrition at the cellular level
Contains millions of antioxidants which reduce cellular and DNA damage caused by free radicals
Faster hydration allows the body to regulate its temperature more efficiently
Micro-clustered hexagonal water molecule clusters increase absorption rates and detoxify the cells more efficiently

Alkaline Ionized Water Can Address

Bone Density Issues

Poor Circulation
Joint Pain
Leg Cramps
Weight Issues
High Blood Pressure
Regulating Blood Sugar

Uses of Alkaline Water

Drink small amounts 45 minutes before meals to enhance digestion
Better tasting coffee and tea
Fluffier grains
Clean and revitalize fruits and vegetables by soaking for 20 mins.
Accelerates seed germination
Lowers boiling points

Add 1 Tbs to salad dressings to keep oil emulsified.
Soaking & Sprouting seeds, nuts, legumes, grains & more
Storage of vegetables – they last much longer
Removing stains
Sweeter tasting juices and smoothies

Business Phone Number:
012 654 0798
Waterworld Centurion Mall
Address: Centurion Mall Centurion Central, Centurion,
Short Business Description:
We do water refilling & bottled water. We stock still, sparkling & flavoured waters. We sell various beverages (Hot & Cold), containers & re-usable bottles. We also do personalized water for any functions.
Long Business Description:

Waterworld Centurion Mall is located in the heart of the Centurion CBD between Pretoria and Midrand, just off the N1 highway and within walking distance of the Centurion Gautrain station.

We pride ourselves on adhering to the highest quality standards in the water cooler industry.

Waterworld Centurion is without a doubt the leader in distribution of branded purified and or prepared water as well as the distribution of water purification, filtration and dispensing equipment.

We have a strong focus on the distribution of water purification equipment to meet drinking water quality requirements in residential, commercial and semi-industrial markets and distribute the most reliable and durable water purification systems in South Africa.

At our Waterworld Centurion Shop we supply purified and or prepared water to the public.

Not all water is created equal – and when it comes to Waterworld Centurion, you can literally taste the difference. Our water is purified using a sophisticated purification process.

This process includes reverse osmosis, ozonation and the re-introduction of organic minerals into the water. In short, we remove anything that would not benefit you (such as unwanted chemicals, metals and harmful bacteria) – and replace it with a delicate balance of essential organic minerals that your body craves.

In addition to being purified in accordance with International Standards, all Waterworld Centurion water is tested.

Business Phone Number:
082 389 5980
Savresso Coffee
Address: Entrance 5, Centurion Mall Centurion Central, Centurion,
Long Business Description:

Speciality Coffee 100% Arabica. A unique coffee grown at an altitude of between 1750 – 2000m is lower in caffeine-artisan roasted in small batches to extract the delicious taste & flavour.

You will find a combination of floral notes with citrus & black current flavours. Aromatic & full bodied coffee for the adventurous connoisseur coffee lover.

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans in 250g & 1Kg bags and also have Ground Coffee 250g bags Available.

Come and enjoy your favorite cup of coffee before, during or after your shopping FREE parking!

Call to order now 0823895980 or find us @ Centurion mall, Entrance 5

Business Phone Number:
082 389 5980
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